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Geekvape Nova Review: If Apple designed mods!

I’ve been using the Geekvape Nova regularly for a few weeks now. It’s a dual 18650 regulated mod that goes up to 200 watts. It comes in silver, gunmetal and black frame in combination with blue, gray, red or rainbow colored resin. Geekvape sent me the silver frame with blue resin to review. The mod […]

Honest review time: The Hive 200 kit from Artery c/o Buybest

Here’s a look at a new kit sent over from Buybest for review. Buybest are a competitor to companies like Gearbest and Fasttech and offer a wide variety of products and not just vape related stuff either. The kit is made by Artery a company out of Shenzen probably most well known for their Nugget […]

Honest review time: VanGo Vapes Salts

Here’s a look at a little sample set of new salt based liquids sent over from the boys at VanGo Vapes. From what I understand they are now offering all of their original flavours with both regular(freebase) and salt based nic. Admittedly I’ve already reviewed at least one of the flavours but I’ll still go […]

Honest review time: Warped Vapors

  A couple weeks back a new company reached out about a review. You probably already saw Hoseheads review of Warped Vapors but I also received a set and wanted to share my thoughts on the juice that was sent over from this new company out of Montreal. It’s run by a couple of guys […]

Honest review time: Tiki Time from FatPanda

The guys over at FatPanda are a great bunch of guys and they’re always coming out with new and interesting things. Recently they reached out about a review of a fairly new line they carry and since they haven’t steered me wrong yet I was more than happy to check them out. The new set […]

Honest review time: The Loop v1.5 RDA from Geekvape c/o Buybest

Here’s a look at a new RDA from Geekvape. It was sent over from the good folks at BuyBest for the purpose of this review. It’s actually a follow up to an RDA Geekvape  launched  earlier this year called the Loop. The follow up is called the Loop v1.5 and it bears some slight improvements […]

Honest review time: The Ultex T80 with Cubix Max from Joyetech

Here’s a look at an interesting new kit sent over from Joyetech. It boasts an innovative new coil system that really isn’t like a standard coil at all which Joyetech calls an NCFilmTM heater. It comes packed with a new and improved Cubis tank but also ships with a rather impressive regulated tube style mod. […]

Honest review time: The Tayst line from Symbiosis

Here’s a look at a very interesting set I picked up at CVE Toronto at the recommendation of our very own Pornplaysmusic aka Pat of Campbell Coils fame. He explained how he was a really big fan of their very authentic tasting fruity flavours so I stopped to check them out. The company is called […]

Honest review time: The Sinous Solo kit from Wismec

Here’s a look at a new starter kit recently sent over from Wismec. It’s a pen or stick styled kit but with protections built in so even the newest users will be safe using it. It’s an extremely simple and easy to use kit so this one should be relatively short and sweet. Here are […]

Hosehead Hardware Review – LUX by Wellon Tech

Good day, Eh! Today I was sent a device for the purpose of this review.  From Wellon Tech, I have the LUX refillable pod system. A relative newcomer to the vape scene, I’ve never heard of Wellon Tech before. So I was very interested in their refillable system.   The LUX is smaller than all other […]

Honest review time: The Polar kit from Vaporesso c/o Cloud Shack

When Tyson from Cloud Shack reached out about a few reviews he wasn’t kidding and he sent over a couple of juice lines and a hardware kit. The kit that arrived is from Vaporesso which I’m sure most of you have heard of at this point. They make some really nice gear with a focus […]

Honest review time: Bad Drip from Bad Drips Labs c/o Cloud Shack

Recently a fellow Redditor reached out about a new company he was starting up. It’s an online vape shop with plans to open a physical shop in the future and he wanted to set me up with some things to review as a way of introducing his new business. Being that I was familiar with […]

Honest review time: Good Times from Cyrus Vapors

A few weeks back Frank from Cyrus Vapors reached out about a review of a couple of new lines they recently released. I already covered their Tabacci line, a collab with the good folks at Fat Panda which as a fan of tobacco flavours I must say was incredibly well done. This week I’m looking […]

Hosehead Hat Trick Review – Warped Vapors

Good day, Eh! And welcome to another review by yours truly, Hoseheadvapes. Today I’m going to be looking at Warped Vapors four juices, All aptly named after celestial bodies. One of the biggest points in the Warped Vapors line is that they are all offered in subohm salt nicotine. which I am a big fan […]

Honest review time: The eGo AIO Mansion from Joyetech

Here’s a look at a new AIO or all in one kit sent over from Joyetech. It’s the latest addition to their eGo line of products and compared to previous incarnations the eGo Mansion as it’s called has undergone a significant overhaul in both appearance and design. However it still offers the same convenience of […]

Honest review time: 7 Monks latest collection via Drip Direct

Here’s a look at a new set that I received from the good folks at Drip Direct. If you’ve never heard of Drip Direct they’re a wholesale distributor that services a lot of Canada’s best eliquid brands. I’ve done a few reviews for them in the past and they’ve always set me up with some […]

Honest review time: Jazzy and Maria from VapeStash

At the recent CVE in Toronto I was helping out at a friends booth and just opposite us was a very familiar and friendly face. He just happens to be a fellow redditor and at this point I’d also like to consider him a friend. He’s an extremely talented individual who makes the most beautiful […]

Honest review time: The iStick Amnis with GS Drive from Eleaf

Here’s a look at a new kit sent over from Eleaf. Following on the recent trend of low power, high resistance mouth to lung vaping thanks to salt based nicotine Eleaf has released yet another new kit to tackle this growing trend in the industry. However unlike most of the others that I’ve seen this […]

Honest review time: Tabacci from Cyrus Vapors and Fat Panda

Here’s a look at a set that was recently sent over for review from the incredible folks at Cyrus Vapors out of Burnaby BC. They recently released a new Tobacco line called Tabacci which is as far as I can figure a line of dessert inspired tobacco flavours. I’m a huge fan of tobaccos and […]

Honest review time: The Tesla XT220W from Teslacigs

Here’s a look at a rather robust device sent over from a new company to me called Sourcemore. If you’ve never heard of them they’re a China based company that sells vape gear similar to sites like Fasttech, 3Fvape and Gearbest. The item they sent over for review is from Teslacigs, a company that’s fairly […]

Honest review time: Phoenix and Choco Berry Cow from Sub-Ohm Sauz

Here’s a look at an incredible set of liquids I picked up at the recent CVE from a gentleman named Nick Rauscher. Nick runs a company called Sub-Ohm Sauz out of Edmonton and after trying out his juice at the expo he was kind enough to hook me up with a set to review. The […]

Honest review time: The iWũ from Eleaf

Here’s a look at a new pod device recently released by eLeaf. It’s a simple new pod system with a rather interesting design twist. While it doesn’t really bring anything particularly new to the pod market it definitely brings a different kind of style. This one should be short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts […]

Hosehead Slapshots – Grind Eliquids

Good day, Eh! Welcome to my review of a local juice manufacturer to me, Grind Eliquids.  Most people across the country won’t have heard of them, and their line is exceptionally small. Only two flavors so far but boy, what an impression they have made with me. Gordon Tustin has really proven his juice can […]

Honest review time: The Exceed NC with NotchCore from Joyetech

Joyetech just released a new kit that includes the NotchCore tank that I recently reviewed with the Joyetech Silk. I’m a huge fan of the NotchCore tank already with it’s newly revised and lower powered NotchCoilsTM so I was looking forward to this kit. It’s a pretty simple one but it offers nearly the same […]

Honest review time: The Wismec Active with Amor NS Plus

Here’s a look at a new kit released from Wismec that’s been getting some attention online thanks to some YouTube videos showcasing a couple of it’s standout features. Some may find the new additions to be a bit gimmicky but I for one can definitely see a market for this kind of functionality. I don’t […]

Honest one shot: TOL: Peach from The Vaporist

Ontario based juice manufacturer The Vaporist has been crafting quality eliquids since 2014 and at the recent Canadian Vape Expo in Toronto they released a new flavor. I was actually there to help out at his booth and full disclosure am close friends with owner/operator Phil but that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on him […]

Honest review time: The Reload X from Reload Vapor

If you follow my reviews you know that I pretty much exclusively use Saddlehorse Blues coils for my reviews and flavour testing. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a husband and wife run company out of Alberta who produce some of the finest hand made coils in all of Canada. They also sell some […]

Hosehead Ultimate Hat Trick – BB Vapes Salt Line

Hosehead Vapes Ultimate Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh! Welcome everyone, The title of this review is a little bit different as some of you may noticed. Thats because today I’m going to be looking at 5 juices from BB Vapes, making it the Ultimate Hat Trick (as made famous by the great Mario Lemieux […]

Honest review time: Vape Slayer Ltd.

When I was at CVE Toronto I stopped by a booth that happened to have a sign and business cards that looked very much like my own. Of course I pulled one of mine out and offered it to the gentleman manning the booth and we both shared a chuckle at the similarities in our […]

Honest review time: The One from Beard Vape Co.

Here’s a look at a set that’s been popping up quite a bit on social media lately. It was sent over from the good folks at Fat Panda Vapes out of Winnipeg Manitoba but the juice is by The Beard Vape Co. out of the US and I believe distributed up here by Fat Panda. […]

Honest review time: Professor Pibblesworth from Barrie Vape Co.

Here’s a look at a wonderful set of tobacco flavours from a company called Barrie Vape Co. formerly SOAK eliquids out of northern Ontario. I’m a big fan of tobacco flavours and there are all kinds available on the market but it should be noted that there are essentially two major ‘types’ of tobacco flavours […]

Hosehead Hardware Review – Cthulhu Mod Hastur Mini MTL RTA

Hosehead Vapes Hardware Review! Good day, Eh! Today I was sent a device for the purpose of this review.  From Cthulhu mod, the Hastur Mini MTL RTA. The Hastur Mini is a mouth to lung style RTA, there is no RDL or DL hit here. this is straight up MtL.  Now if we were to […]

Honest review time: The SPIN IT from Vaptio

Here’s a look at new device that’s just a little bit different then most others out there. It’s from Vaptio and is one of their latest pod systems to hit the market. It’s got at least one unique feature that I’ve yet to see on any other device. How useful people will find this new […]

Honest review time: The Tasteful Line from Theory Labs

Here’s a new set I received from the wonderful folks at Theory Labs. Theory Labs is an incredible company from St. Catharines Ontario run by a gentleman named Farouk. At CVE Toronto I was fortunate to see Farouk and his father Peter and they were kind enough to set me up with the new line […]

Honest review time: The Spryte AIO from Aspire

Aspire has been around for years now making some of the industries best vape products and in fact my second starter kit was produced by them the Aspire Premium Kit which I must admit made a huge difference in getting me off the smokes. Over the years as things evolved I continued to use various […]

Hardcore Review Time: 70 days with 24 bottles of Evaperated Artisan Canadian E-Liquid

First off, let me apologize to my friends at Evaperated for taking so long to put this review up. I spent quite a long time reviewing their products, and it took just as long to put my thoughts into words. This review has taken me over 15 hours to sum up my 70 days with […]

Honest review time: Nut Ejuice from VapeLocal

Here’s a look at a new line from a company called VapeLocal who I was fortunate enough to meet with in Edmonton, however it wasn’t until CVE Toronto that I actually picked any up to review. A gentleman by the name of Sean Rankin who I believe is the man behind the line kindly set […]

Honest review time: Half pint Labs

When I was at CVE Edmonton I met with a company called Half Pint Labs. They’re a pretty new company out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan that were quite happy to share their wares with me for review. This is a rather big set so I’m just going to give a quick rundown along with my opinion. Here […]

Hosehead Hat Trick – Wet

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh! At CVE Edmonton, I met a very nice vendor from Vapemall.ca who had a booth dedicated to Wet Eliquid.  He asked me if I would do a review for them, and I said sure! So lets find out what I think of Wet Ejuice, two are 20mg […]

Honest review time: Bold and Gold from Kloudheadz

The boys of Kloudheadz are always on my list to visit at any expo which is exactly what I did at CVE Toronto where I was happy to see they’d launched a new and eye catching line. David one of the founders always with a welcoming smile was more then happy to introduce me to […]

Honest review time: Tobac No7 from The Juice Punk

If you’ve followed my reviews you probably know I’m a big fan of real tobacco flavours. It’s probably the fact that I spent 26 years of my life smoking that I still appreciate the smell and taste of tobacco in all of it’s numerous forms even after having given up smoking for vaping well over […]

Honest review time: The Mage Subtank from Coilart

Here’s a look at the latest in the Mage line from Coilart. The Coilart Mage has been around for quite some time in one form or another. Originally the Mage RDA(rebuildable dripping atomizer) became the Mage Combo RDTA(rebuildable dripping tank atomizer), then the Mage GTA(genesis tank atomizer) followed by the Mage RTA(rebuildable tank atomizer) which […]

Honest review time: The Flave Tank 24 from Alliancetech Vapor

At CVE Toronto The Vaporists booth was being shared with a gentleman named Miguel who some of you may be familiar with because of his juice line called Miguel’s Finest. I’m a big fan of his liquids and have even reviewed several of them in the past. However at this particular expo he wasn’t there […]

Honest review time: Salt Vape City c/o Drip Direct

Here’s a look at a new salt based line that I picked up from the good folks at Drip Direct. If you’re not familiar with Drip Direct they are a large distributor based out of Quebec that carry an incredible collection of juice lines, some of which are among my top favorites. Needless to say […]

Honest one shot: Viking from BDY Eliquid

Here’s a look one of the latest flavours from BDY Eliquid, a company that hails from Québec that are known for their incredibly rich and beautifully complex blends. I absolutely fell in love with their Notre Héritage flavour, a hazelnut whiskey cream that’s absolutely to die for so when they sent over Viking I knew […]

Honest review time: 20700 Battery case from Canadian Vape Design

Here’s a quick look at something I picked up at CVE Edmonton from the folks at the TDaawg booth. It actually came from Sergei of SOAK Eliquids fame but was made by a friend of his Nick Cressman. Nick’s company is called Canadian Vape Design and they hail from Beaumont Alberta. From their site they […]

Honest review time: The Espion Silk with NotchCore from Joyetech

Here’s a look at the newest in the Espion line from Joyetech. The previous Espion devices have all shared a somewhat similar style, mostly made of metal with a sort of James Bond-esque spy apparel look to them. Well the latest addition to the line sheds the metal housing in exchange for a lightweight, durable […]

Hardcore Review Time: A month with 6 bottles of 1271 by Marco Polo Vape Co

Hello again! This review was initially prepared for the Canadian Electronic Ecigarette Reddit. You can see the original here. I’m back with a special edition of Hardcore Reviews, where I spend roughly a month solely vaping ONE line of juice, What makes this PARTICULAR review so special you ask? Well, I did the crazy thing and […]

Hardcore Review Time: A month with 10 bottles of SZ Vapor

Hello again! I’m back with another installment of Hardcore Reviews, where I spend roughly a month solely vaping ONE line of juice. And this time around, I’ve spent 25 days (and counting) with SZVapor The CRAZY thing is – SZ Vapor is known for their pastry-inspired flavors, and as you’ll see in my background below – I HATE pastries, lol. […]

Honest review time: The Themis Mesh RTA from Digiflavor

Here’s a look at a fairly new RTA from Digiflavor. Mesh coils have been all the rage lately with a number of companies releasing mesh based coils or in some cases mesh based RDAs and RTAs. Digiflavor decided to enter the market with a new RTA aimed at tackling this new trend and allowing users […]

Honest review time: Gamma Five and Helix by Cloudfire

Here’s a look at the latest from Cloudfire, one of which happened to win Best in Show Menthol at CVE Toronto 2018. Cloudfire originally Hjelm Vapor is run by Ryan Hjelm a young ambitious juice maker out of Toronto that’s been absolutely killing it for the past few years. I first met him at Juice […]

Honest review time: Pico Squeeze 2 with Coral 2

Here’s a new squonk mod recently released from Eleaf that’s a follow up to their Pico Squeeze from two years ago. It’s a very robust little kit that I’ve been having fun with over the past few weeks. There’s some definite improvements over the original with the biggest being that it’s now a regulated device […]

Hosehead Hat Trick – Fogged Out Vapes Signature Series

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh!   Well today I decided I wanted to write a little bit about one of my favourite juice manufacturers currently. Fogged Out Vapes.  Now my first order from FOV dates back to the way back time of March 2017.  I ordered the sample pack as is customary […]

Honest review time: Artery Nugget X from Artery Vapor

Here’s a handy little kit that was sent over from Buybest for the purpose of review. It’s made by the folks at Artery Vapor and is third in the line of Nuggets that the company has produced. It’s a super compact but full featured kit that comes packed with a subohm tank for a truly […]

Honest review time: Jones Pharaoh from LVS Labs

Here’s a look at a new lineup that was sent over from the good folks at Vapevapevape.ca. It’s a three flavour line that’s called Jones Pharaoh that I believe is produced by La Vape Shop Labs or LVS labs for short. Admittedly there are a couple of common profiles in the line that I wasn’t […]

Post CVE Edmonton Pods Rundown

Pod Systems, Nicotine Salts, and You by Hosehead Vapes ( hoseheadvapes@gmail.com ) Good day, eh! Welcome to a Canadian Review, By a Canadian Hosehead. The year of 2018 is the Year of the nic salt. Mark my words, this year we are going to see every major juice manufacturer release a high ohm salt line, […]

Honest review time: Ultimate 100 by VapeEvasion

Here’s a set I received from the good folks at VapeNorth/VapeEvasion called Ultimate 100. Vape Ultimate as been around for a little while now but recently added two new flavours to the list. Jason the gentleman behind VapeNorth an Ontario distributor was kind enough to set me up with the whole line to review and […]

Honest review time: The UPEN from Digiflavor

Here’s a look at a super simple new kit released from Digiflavor that’s geared toward high nicotine mouth to lung vapers and can be used with both regular eliquids and nicotine salt based liquids. It’s called the UPEN and it actually looks like a standard pen, like the kind you write with. There really isn’t […]

Honest review time: Boost from Salt Nix

After a few conversations at CVE Edmonton this past spring I’m convinced this year we will be seeing a lot of subohm salt nicotine options hitting the market. Considering salt based nicotine is smoother, it oxidizes less and is more quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body it only seems logical to move from traditional […]

Honest review time: Road Trip from Pyxydust and SOAK

Here’s a look at a collaboration project between Pyxydust Vapes and SOAK Liquids called Road Trip. Pyxydust are the people that brought you Angel, the best in show award winning flavour from CVE Edmonton 2017 and SOAK are the guys behind SOAK liquids and Dr. Pibblesworth. Two companies that are well known for their incredible […]

Honest review time: The Stig from VGOD

Every once in a while we see a truly unique and innovative product hit the vape market. More often then not it introduces new and exciting technologies, techniques or tastes to the vape world. Some are eagerly adopted and some get dropped creating an ever growing ever-evolving market where just about anything goes. Some things […]

Honest review time: The Aegis Legend from Geek Vape

Not long ago Geek Vape released a nearly indestructible mod called the Aegis that got plenty of attention after reviewers were seen dunking it in water and running over it with their cars only to have it carry on working like nothing much had happened. It was a single battery 18650/26650 device that placed durability […]

Honest review time: The Lexicon with Ello Duro from Eleaf

Light up mods have been a thing for quite some time now and I even recently reviewed a mod that had an infinity mirror built right in to the interface. It’s a pretty subjective thing having a mod that draws attention just by using it but as long as there are folks out there who […]

Hosehead Hat Trick – Chefs Choice Subohm Salts

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh! Today I’m going to be bringing you a review on some juice I’ve wanted to delve into deeply ever since CVE, Subohm Salt Nic juice.   So many vendors are converting their lines over to high salt nicotine versions for use in MTL devices or refillable pod systems, […]

Honest review time: Saga from VapeStrong

One of the people I look forward to seeing at the Expos is the original MajorVapes aka Saby Rock of VapeStrong. They’re a company out of BC that I just happened to share a name with. One of their original lines was called MajorVapes but I didn’t figure that out until I was using the […]

Honest one shot: Lime Pie from Salt Nix

I’ve been a fan of Salt Nicotine since I first tried it, it basically re-ignited my love for nicotine and I’ve been carrying some with me ever since. One of my favorite lines for salt nicotine since I got on to it has been Salt Nix from Vaporus Laboratories Canada. It’s a fairly simple yet […]

Honest review time: The Espion Infinite with ProCore Conquer from Joyetech

Here’s a look at the latest in the Espion line from Joyetech. The Espion Infinite is the third iteration of mods in the series and it takes on a drastic overhaul from it’s two predecessors the original Espion and the Espion Solo. The first two in the line seemed to bear a James Bond-esque appearance […]

Honest one shot: Cinnamon Cream from Awsum Sauce

When I was at CVE I stopped by the Evolution Vape/The Vape Depot booth and immediately recognized one of the gentlemen behind the counter as a minor vape celeb. I pointed out the fact that I recognized him and although at the time I couldn’t recall his name he was quite entertained by the fact […]

Hosehead Hat Trick – Vango Vapes

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh! Another Hosehead Hat trick review. This time from Vango Vapes. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Vango has to be one of (if not the) the largest Ejuice manufacturers  on the west coast.  And with there Giant operation, they have a Giant catalogue of juice to go […]

Honest review time: Pico S from Eleaf

I’ve long been a fan of the Pico series from Eleaf. They’re known for having a unique offset design that helps keep them nice and compact by placing the battery off to one side while the tank sits a bit lower on the other side, often referred to as a side-by-side. The original iStick Pico […]

Honest review time: Digiflavor Ubox kit

Here’s a look at a kit that came out about midway through last year but as far as I could tell didn’t get a whole lot of attention. It’s a deceptively simple kit made by Digiflavor a company probably best known for their rebuildable tanks and RDAs such as the Pharaoh a collaboration project made famous […]

Honest review time: Confections by Coastal Clouds

During CVE Edmonton I met a lot of wonderful people and one of the nicest bunch I met were from a company called Vapor Brewhouse. They’re an eliquid manufacturer located in Western Canada who produces and distributes a number of liquid lines here in Canada most of which I believe originate from down south in […]

Hosehead Hat Trick – Small Town Vapes

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review! Good day, Eh! The first company I’m going to review is a company relatively local to me here in Alberta, called Small Town Vapes.  I first heard of STV Juice from CVE Edmonton this year, and boy am I glad I did.  Jeremy Guenette is as passionate as he is […]

Honest review time: The Envii Fitt

There seems no end to the number of pod devices to hit the market lately and I’ve definitely had my fair share sent over for review. This latest one comes from a new company to me called Buybest.com, not to be mistaken with Bestbuy they’re a company out of China with warehouses in Russia, Hong […]

Honest review time: Horizon Falcon Tank

Not all coils are created equally and Horizontech recently introduced a new mesh coil that uses some interesting materials for wicking. It’s not the first of it’s kind but it’s a progression that I’ve been following since their first Arco tank release. They’ve now got several new coils that use interesting new materials like wood […]

Honest review time: The Chronicle from RNV Design

It’s not very often that I have a mech mod sent my way for review but just before I left for CVE Edmonton SaddleHorse Blues reached out to see if I’d be interested in a new mech they’ve been carrying. Considering I’ve got a rather large collection of mech mods and have been a fan […]

Honest review time: iJust 3 from eLeaf

Simplicity is sometimes underrated. With this new kit sent over from Eleaf we get a taste of just that, simplicity. The iJust 3 I believe is the sixth iteration of the iJust, a mechanical styled mod kit that comes with a subohm tank. Considering the simplicity of the kit this one should be relatively short […]

Honest review time: The Marvn RTA from Coil Master

Recently I reviewed a DIY kit from a company called Coil Master. They’ve been around for quite some time now and are probably best know for their DIY kits and their 521 tabs but they’ve also been releasing some interesting gear like mech mods and some RTAs. I was fortunate enough to be sent a […]

Honest review time: RAW from Churchill

I regularly find myself saying that some of the best Canadian mixologists hail from Québec and a recent release from a well known Canadian juice maker just reinforces my theory. From the creator of E-Apothecary Monsieur Alex Beaucage comes a new line named after his recent hardware release called Churchill. The first flavour in the […]

Honest review time: Mission starter kit from Fundamental Particle

Pod mods are all the rage lately and there’s seems no end to the variety of styles and shapes available on the market. One of the latest to land in my lap was sent over from the good folks at Elegomall made by a company called Fundamental Particle. I couldn’t find anything much on the company […]

Honest review time: eCloudz Approved from eCloudz

A few months back I started to write some articles for eCloudz magazine. It’s a bi-monthly online vape related ezine that’s Canadian based and run by the folks behind eCloudz an online distribution company. Well recently they sent over a set of new liquids that they are distributing under the name eCloudz Approved. I cracked them […]

Hardcore Review Time: 2 weeks with 10 pods of STLTH Vape

I decided it was time to do something a little different for this version of Hardcore Review Time. For my reviews, I like to vape a line of juice for a prolonged period of time so that I can get a sense of how much I truly enjoy a juice. This helps me mitigate buyer’s […]

Honest review time: Espion Solo with ProCore Air from Joyetech

Here’s a solid little kit that was sent over from Joyetech for review. It’s a special edition 10th anniversary release that I’ve been enjoying it tremendously. It’s a compact single battery device that’s really well made and shows off the company’s dedication to quality. Here are my honest thoughts on the Espion Solo from Joyetech. […]

Honest review time: Coil Master DIY mini kit V2

Here’s something I don’t get too many of to review. It’s a new DIY kit from Coil Master called the DIY mini kit V2. Coil Master if you’re not familiar are a company who are probably best known for their 521 tabs and build kits. They’ve also been producing some great gear recently like RTAs […]

Honest review time: Drop Dead Liquids

Hey guys, A couple weeks back a company that’s new to me called DropDead Liquids reached out about a review. They’re not exactly new though as they’ve been around since 2016. Turns out they’re out of Waterloo and have a pretty interesting story on how they came about. Something to do with a school project but […]

Hardcore Review Time – Two Months with 19 bottles of Chef’s Choice Vapes

This is a special edition of Hardcore Review Time – as I normally would vape a brand of vape (and only that brand) for up to an entire month max. However, this time around, I decided to do 2 months straight of only one brand. That’s right – I did not pick up my favorite […]

Hardcore Review Time: A month with 6 bottles of The Vaporist

Hello folks, This review was originally posted on Reddit – but I’ve since moved it onto greener pastures 🙂 I spent 23 days so far vaping ONLY The Vaporist juice so that I could get a real taste for whether I would love their juices. I will continue vaping these juices until I finish off the bottles […]