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Nicotine Delivery System

4.4/58 Reviews


STLTH’s mission is to eliminate traditional tobacco cigarettes by providing a smokeless alternative that is practical and satisfying to adult smokers.
The company was started by a group of entrepreneurs based out of Los Angles, CA, USA and Waterloo, ON, Canada. All of which were ex-smokers who used vaping products as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The consensus experience between the founders was that traditional vaping systems were not very practical for day to day life and for the mainstream market to adopt vapor as a real alternative the technology would need to be made user-friendly.
With the mission in mind, they created STLTH a closed-loop system that was designed for the masses. The objective was simple, to provide an affordable closed system to give adult smokers a viable alternative to traditional tobacco.



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8 Reviews for STLTH VAPE

Jason B 1 Reviews
Love my STLTH
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I’m 34 years old and been smoking for last 13 years. Love this device. Tried several times with the cig a likes because I don’t want the large vaporizers I see others with. They never quite took, mainly because they just didn’t give me the same satisfaction as a cigarette. This thing is far closer to a cigarette and Im happy I don’t smoke for the last 2 weeks. Thanks STLTH

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Keith 3 Reviews
VERY GOOD pod system
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I thoroughly enjoyed the STLTH system and believe this is something I’d buy and recommend for any smokers who are looking to quit. I’ve just bought one for my cousin who I think this would be a great fit for. I did a hardcore review of the STLTH system here for reference: https://thevapereview.ca/hardcore-review-time-2-weeks-with-10-pods-of-stlth-va

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sarahxx 1 Reviews
Great small device
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Personally, I prefer traditional MOD devices. My friend once gave me STLTH to try it out, and I really liked it. After started to use it as my secondary device, due to it small sizes. Now I’m noticing I use it more often than my old device 🙂 Very convenient, has a satisfying throat kick. Waiting for more battery colors and pod flavors. Keep up with good work STLTH

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Owen 1 Reviews
Absolutely fucking shit
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What a waste of my fuckinh time and money. This device belongs in the garbage, where I threw mine after smashing it with a Hammer. After 1 WEEK, the device wouldn’t give me any vapor. It was fully charged and I tried 6 pods (two packs) And not a single one worked. No matter how much I tried the stupid fucking device never worked. It was never dropped or amything. Not to mention it leaks like a motherfucker, you constantly get juice in your mouth, and even the pods are leaking when you take them out the package…. trust me this device is completely trash and I’m beyond pissed I spent over $60 total for this piece of literal piece of shit

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Author Response

Hi Owen, please provide your order number and we will check what has happened with your device. You should have contacted our support to get a refund or a new device, as per warranty. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Tanya 1 Reviews
Great for the most part
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So I’ve been using this system for a few months. It peaked my interest after nearly 30 years of smoking because of it’s small size and the fact that you didn’t need to refill it. I have had issue with leaking pods, but I feel like it was a bad batch. I think the company should stamp lot numbers to track bad batches. I love the ease and convenience of free home delivery and the fact that they have a strong Canadian connection. For me, the pods and battery don’t last as long as they suggest (I recharge 3 to 4 times a day) but I was also a pack a day smoker. Overall, I can’t complain, it works for me.

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Mike Hertel 1 Reviews
Good but..
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I like the device and it seems to work great. BUT the issue I have is with the leaking.. it’s driving me nuts. I can put a new pod into the device and let it stand on the table upright over night and jucie will have leaked out the bottom. All the pods I got were leaking while still in the packaging. I did complain and they said they had issues with them leaking because they got hot during transport. They sent me replacements.. and all of those are leaking in the package. If they can fix this leaking issue, it would be perfect..

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Kosta 1 Reviews
New PODs are a huge improvement – Good job STLTH!!
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I have to agree with Mike that the leaking was a big issue. I had stopped using the STLTH vape due to this as well. But they have come out with a newly designed POD that has 0 leaks/pooling. Gone through 2 of the new pod packs without even needing to dab the juice with a q-tip. Give them another try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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pomoranin 1 Reviews
Great Canadian Product!
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I have just recently purchased this device and I must say I’m very impressed by it. For years I have been contemplating the switch over from cigarettes but have been put off by the size of the vaporizers (didn’t want to walk around sucking on what looks like a walkie-talkie!). So when a friend of mine recommend STLTH to me I was all over it! I love the Canadian connection and their one day shipping…but what got me hooked was their customer service!!! Had a small issue with my original shipment and those guys went above and beyond to keep me happy. They would reply to all my emails within 5min of sending them, troubleshooting the issue with me over email and finally just send me a replacement overnight. I must say that their dedication and demeanor blew me away! I hope they stick around for a long time!!!

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